Unique and New physiotherapy unit – “BIO-MAG”

“BIO-MAG” – physiotherapy equipment for therapy and bioresonance antiparazitarnoy adjustments, unique in its functionality, compactness and convenience.

The device bioresonance therapy “BIO-MAG” is the latest development of Russian scientists, for a wide range of users (from doctors to ordinary housewife), referring to its integrated multi-effects, on the one hand, and a simple and intuitive interface, compactness and usability on the other.

The device “BIO-MAG” proved effective and harmless for the body to treat both acute and chronic diseases in the etiology and pathogenesis are essential parasitic, bacterial, fungal and viral infections.

The device «BIO-MAG» is a 3 unit in one housing:

1. The device endogenous bioresonance therapy;
2. The device exogenous bioresonance therapy (Fall, Schmidt, Rayf);
3. The device antiparazit adjustments (in the manner of Dr. H. Clark).

Due to the universality of the approach to the treatment of various diseases and the maximum individualization for each patient, the use of “BIO-MAG” shows for a wide range of diseases:

-diseases of the respiratory system;
-viral and microbial infections;
-diseases of the circulatory system;
cardiovascular-disease – cardiovascular system;
disease-CNS and sensory organs;
-diseases of locomotor system;
-diseases of the digestive system;
-mochevydeleniya and diseases of the genital organs;
-diseases of skin and subcutaneous tissue;
-increased irritability;
-immune deficiency;
-diseases of joints;
-spinal disease;
-liver disease;
-pancreatic diseases;
-renal disease;
-fungal lesions;
-sleep disturbance;
-Skin diseases
-endocrine diseases;
-allergic diseases, and other

Contraindications to the use of

-violation of blood coagulability;
-children up to age 1 year;
-availability implanted pacemaker;
-individual intolerance to electric current;
-epilepsy, convulsive syndrome;
-damage and skin disease in the field of electrostimulation;
-state of acute mental institution or intoxication.

The apparatus can be used at home or in hospitals, sanatoriums.

Using the device to reduce the use of drugs, thus reducing the number of side effects from their use. Most patients manage to completely abandon the treatment! In many cases, the impact of device “BIO-MAG” – the only way to defeat his illness. The market price of the device $398.

Official site: http://www.bio-mag.org

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