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Knee Replacement Surgery With An Un-Cemented Prosthesis

Having your knee replaced with an un-cemeted prosthesis has it advantages and dis-advantages. The advantages however outweigh the disadvantages depending on your age. Younger adults generally but not always get un-cemented components initially for several reasons.

Having components that are un-cemented are used for those patients that have healthy bone stock and quality. The un-cemented components have what is called a porous material that is built within them. This allows for your bone to grow naturally into the prosthesis giving them a more natural fit. Read more…

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Ways to Strengthen Your Knees

The muscles that surround the knee being the quadriceps in front of the leg, the hamstrings in the back of the thigh and calf muscles all are involved in having a strong and functional knee. if one of these groups are not doing their job it can lead to muscle imbalance and associated knee pain or fatigue.

In this article I will mention just a several of the exercises that an older adult can do that will assist in strengthening their knees. Strong muscles act as a supportive brace for your knee. If that support has been weakened either through a previous injury or lack of physical activity the knees will either buckle upon standing or cause some discomfort when walking. If your orthopedist has ruled out a knee injury or severe osteoarthritis then muscle weakness could be the main issue. Read more…

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