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Sports Physiotherapy – An Overview

Unless you’re an athlete or are close to someone who is, you may not be all that familiar with sports physiotherapy. It isn’t an occupation with which most people have a great deal of personal experience, after all. This article will provide an overview of his very interesting and wide-reaching career field and will outline some of the many things sports physiotherapists actually do.

The Collins English Dictionary (Second Edition) defines physiotherapy as “the treatment of disease or injury by physical means, such as massage or exercises, rather than by drugs [physio- (prefix) physical + therapy]. Thus, sports physiotherapy refers to the treatment of sports injuries by physical means.

That’s a good working definition, but it really only scratches the surface of what sports physiotherapy is really all about. It is true that athletes will consult with physiotherapists about injuries and that they may receive treatment as directed by the physiotherapist as part of their rehabilitation.

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