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Treating Lumbar Spinal Pain by Physiotherapy

Low back pain is very common and most people have some experience of a back pain episode at some time of life. Attendances at physiotherapy clinics for low back pain are very high so physios have a variety of assessment and treatment techniques to manage spinal pain and improve patients’ function.

A serious medical condition such as cancer or infection is a very uncommon cause of back pain, but several medical problems can present this way and physiotherapists need to be aware of this so they can refer the patient on to the appropriate doctor. The physio will ask about past medical history (cancer, arthritis, diabetes, epilepsy), any loss of weight or appetite, bladder and bowel control, feeling unwell, sleep disturbance and worse pain when lying down to sleep.

The physio is looking for the patient to react as if they have mechanical spinal pain, a condition where normal physical stresses such as sitting or walking have a worsening or easing affect on the pain. The examination starts by observing the posture and movement of the patient during the questioning and the physio follows this by examining the spinal posture and ranges of movement. Abnormalities of posture are common and not always important, with leg length differences, a reduction or increase in the back curves and a scoliosis being common findings.

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Physiotherapy to Treat Sports Injuries

Sports injury just like any injury obtained from other accidents can be absolutely tragic as well as traumatic. The physical and mental stress that are brought by the injury do not discriminate professional athletes from the amateur ones. The injury, if left untreated or not properly managed may actually affect and ultimately ruin the athlete’s promising career. Athletes who are just starting to make a name for themselves in their sports event may find it rather difficult or even impossible to continue in that very physical and competitive field of endeavor. The possibility to incurring physical injuries is part of the risks taken by the athletes regardless of the sports event in which they compete. Knowing what should be done in case of injury is a must for each individual to remember. The good news is, aside from the modern medical technology, physiotherapy has recently been made available to treat specific sports injuries.

The physiotherapy treatment in the case of sports injuries is normally given after the assigned doctors are certain that the patient is already safe for such procedure. Prior to that, doctors may have taken x-rays to determine the gravity of the damage to the bones. Read more…

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