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Posture Braces – Then and Now

Not all people are blessed with perfect postures. For some it requires concentration and a proper dedicated regime to have perfect spinal balance. This is where posture braces come in. They have been in use for a couple of centuries from early Victorian days when young ladies used to wear them underneath their gowns to keep a good posture. During those days proper etiquette and upbringing was reflected on how a lady carried herself. Today, braces are not only used to have a proper body physique but also to keep the body healthy.

Posture braces these days have come a long way – from those early Victorian sturdy harnesses and corsets that females used to wear beneath their garments, to modern easy to wear and breathable contraptions that both males and females use equally. For dancers it is imperative to have a good body posture and flow which makes it mandatory for them to use braces to keep their spine and shoulders fit. Similarly, braces are also used in many military schools where the soldiers have to have a straight and stiff stance, which is a part of their overall training and has to be followed throughout their careers. Read more…

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