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Find Out What An Osteopath Can Do For You

I live in Brighton and if you are looking for an then this short article will help you understand what can be done for you… As I know there is nothing like pain to make life almost unbearable. Finding the right osteopath to provide the right treatment is of paramount importance. Many people think that an Osteopath is just a back specialist, and although they do always look at the spine, they treat far more than just backs. Their main areas of expertise are the muscles, joints and nerves of the body and their associated problems.

An Osteopath looks at the body as a whole, and aims to place it in a position where it can heal itself. An Osteopath is trained to diagnose the cause of pain or dysfunction, taking a very detailed case history to make sure they have a full picture of a patients’ presenting complaint as well as their past history. Read more…

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