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Shoulder Rotator Cuff Disease – Physiotherapy

The rotator cuff is a musculotendinous cuff which surrounds the humeral head and through which the shoulder stabilising and movement muscles exert their forces onto the shoulder. The cuff enables us to put our shoulder through a very large range of motion, the greatest range of any joint in the body, for the purpose of putting our hands in functional positions. The shoulder\’s function is to allow our hands to be put in useful positions within our visual field so we can perform the intricate activities that define being human to a degree.

As the muscles approach their insertions on the humeral head they become more and more fibrous until they become wholly tendinous. Many bodily tendons are cylindrical and long but the shoulder tendons are flatter structures which coalesce over the top of the humeral head. The rotator cuff has a relatively poor blood supply and little or no ability to heal and with time and physical stresses tears appear which are often painful but not always so. Rotator cuff tears are a major part of a shoulder surgeon\’s work and rotator cuff surgery is common, complex and demands detailed physiotherapy follow up for successful outcomes. Read more…

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Physiotherapy and Chronic Airways Disease

he above titled is not a disease in single but it is a clan of disease with somehow same line of action. Chronic Airways Disease is termed as Chronic (lasting for a long time) Obstructive Pulmonary (related to lungs) Disease abbreviated as COPD. These diseases strike the victim very ruthlessly but physiotherapists have managed the way outs.

Two major bullies of the gang are chronic bronchitis and emphysema. All other diseases in which there is something wrong with the rhythms of breathing rest I the same group. Among the causes cigarette addiction or smoking has been found the major triggering threat but the condition has been observed in non-smokers as well because besides smoking irritating agents and noxious gases also cause the same disease. The second thing is age normally aged people have been found victims due to weak defense system of the body against the diseases. Read more…

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