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Surgical Rehabilitation With Acupuncture

The thought of going through a surgery can be pretty scary. The process of recovering from the surgery and the rehabilitation process can add to that angst. Fortunately, many surgeries are becoming less intrusive and physical therapy more refined. Acupuncture is an excellent tool you can use to effectively reduce your recovery time. This ancient form of medicine is being used in many modern settings for a multitude of conditions, including post-surgical recovery, fertility, addiction and more. Not only is acupuncture an effective therapy to help you heal better and faster, after your surgery, but it is also a fantastic modality to use before your surgery to boost your immune system. Taking it a step further, many patients have actually used acupuncture to avoid surgery all together for chronic back and joint issues.

There are the obvious risks that patients can encounter during the actually surgery, but there are possible post-surgical complications too. Some of the post-surgical complaints of patients are infections, delayed healing time, numbness and tingling, paralysis, injury to surrounding tissue, decreased range of motion, scarring, swelling and bruising. Many of these conditions can be addressed and minimized by starting acupuncture treatments as soon as possible after the surgery. It is possible to shorten your recovery time. It is possible to lower the risk of infection, lower pain levels and maintain your natural range of motion. All of this is possible with less time spent doing physical therapy. Read more…

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