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ACL Surgery Recovery

Your knees and ACL can take a lot of stress through their life. Once of the most common problems with knees that people need to get fixed is anterior cruciate ligament ACL surgery. Some of the other most common knee problems include cartilage/meniscus damage, arthritis and other ligament strains.

When someone needs ACL surgery the rehab process can often be long and painful. Here is the general surgery recovery timeline for and ACL reconstruction. Read more…

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ACL Surgery Recovery Timeline

Read the 7 essential tips to speed up the ACL surgery recovery timeline. The typical ACL reconstruction rehabilitation timeline is 6-9months with some going much longer. However if you follow these 7 recovery tips you will see an immediate increase in the rate at which you are recovering.

What affects your ACL recovery rate?

  • Extent if damage done to the ACL during the initial injury
  • Strength of your leg and knee before you have surgery
  • Amount of rehabilitation and post operative physiotherapy you actively participate in
  • The surgeons procedure and skill level matters
  • If there are any medical complication in the surgery or after it Read more…

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ACL Surgery Exercises – Top 5 Exercises For The First Week

In the first week after ACL surgery it is imperative to the long term stability of the injured knee that exercises are done that promote range of motion and stability of the knee. The knee after an ACL operation is still able to move, however, if it is left in its neutral “comfortable” position the range of motion can decrease and ultimately may require another operation. It is for this reason these exercises are very important (critical!) in the first week.

5 important ACL Surgery Recovery Exercises

1. Heel lift
Place a towel under the ankle of the injured leg and let the leg lay straight so that there is a stretch under the knee stopping the knee from going to 0 degrees. The purpose of this exercise is to improve the range of motion on the knee. Read more…

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ACL Surgery Recovery Time

How long the recovery time is from acl surgery until returning to activity depends on what you are wanting to return to. If you are looking to return to work and you sit at an office desk than as soon as you are able to walk you can begin returning for part time work. You will be able to walk before you are able to drive therefore you will need to get a ride into work.

If your job involves standing and moving around than most surgeons will recommend 4-6 weeks before you return. Read more…

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Arthoscopic Knee Surgery Recovery

Arthoscopic knee surgery recovery can be a difficult and time consuming task. Here are some great tips, from experience, that can help reduce the pain and speed up the recovery time.

What is Arthoscopic Knee Surgery

Arthoscopic surgery is a modern surgical method of repairing knee problems. The surgery is done using a small camera called and Arthoscope and is inserted into the knee through small incisions. The minimal incisions can decrease the recovery time from surgery. Read more…

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