Shoulder Exercises for Rotator Cuff Injury

You can strengthen your shoulder muscles, improve your range of movement, and relieve pain by performing shoulder exercises, a common ailment, especially in those over forty years of age. When performed on a regular basis, these exercises, along with other non-invasive treatments, can prevent the need for more radical treatment such as open surgery.

When you begin doing the exercises, do not perform them at a pace that will cause more pain. The shoulder exercises for rotator cuff injury are intended to relive pain, not to cause it to be worse. The most important step when beginning to do the exercises is the warm up.

A simple warm up routine is to bend over from the waist while letting your arms hang straight down. While relaxing your shoulder and arm muscles, slowly and gently move your arms to and fro. This simple warm up exercise for rotator cuff injury, will ready the muscles for more strenuous exercise.

There are easy shoulder exercises for your rotator cuff injury that don’t require any special equipment. One of the best exercises requires the use of a towel that is rolled up. While lying on your side, take the rolled up towel and put it under your armpit.

Then you will stretch your arm over your head while keeping the other arm at your side. Then bend the elbow into a ninety degree angle while you rest your forearm against your chest palm down. While you are stretching your arm over your head roll out the other arm and raise your forearm to shoulder level. Lower your arm slowly and repeat the exercise using the other arm.

The pain from your shoulder should lessen after doing these rotator cuff exercises for a few weeks. Your doctor may also try other non-invasive treatments such as electrical stimulation of the nerves and muscles and cortisone shots.

My name is Molly, and I started a blog about rotator cuff injuries after I injured my rotator cuff. My goal was to heal my injury in 6 weeks…
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