Physiotherapy and Chronic Airways Disease

he above titled is not a disease in single but it is a clan of disease with somehow same line of action. Chronic Airways Disease is termed as Chronic (lasting for a long time) Obstructive Pulmonary (related to lungs) Disease abbreviated as COPD. These diseases strike the victim very ruthlessly but physiotherapists have managed the way outs.

Two major bullies of the gang are chronic bronchitis and emphysema. All other diseases in which there is something wrong with the rhythms of breathing rest I the same group. Among the causes cigarette addiction or smoking has been found the major triggering threat but the condition has been observed in non-smokers as well because besides smoking irritating agents and noxious gases also cause the same disease. The second thing is age normally aged people have been found victims due to weak defense system of the body against the diseases.

Symptoms or indicating factors are arrhythmic pattern of breathing and sever and recurrent cough. While spitting; the patient finds blood mixed with viscous spit. Due to bursting of alveolar sacs less oxygen is carried by the blood hence the patients get the distal ends of their appendages colored blue specially finger tips and nails.

The method developed to curb the chronic airways disease is physiotherapic. Here the problem is of rhythm in breathing which breaks due to severe coughing so physiotherapist actually works as a teacher who teaches the patient how to modify his breathing methodology so that required quantity of oxygen may be sucked into the lungs.

Besides making the pattern of breathing modified the physiotherapist adopts another method called clapping and postural drainage which has been found working. By this method the physiotherapist actually makes it sure that the lung which is affected is placed above the trachea precisely.

This is a simple process which can be praised even at home but after training from a licensed and learned physiotherapist. The first step is making the patient lie of the bed in such a way that he is almost head side down to cause the secretions drain into the lungs but this method is strictly avoided in case of children due to the danger of reflux.

The second step is called clapping or chest percussion. Actually in this step the patient is clapped or tapped on his back with a cupped hand to induce secretions from the chest area. This obviously can’t be done by own so physiotherapist teaches this technique to patient’s family members or attendants.

The pain of this disease causes the patient to lie on a bed and avoid any physical executions so that he may have physical and bodily relief. But this harms him in fact; due to lack of physical activities the patient’s lower as well as upper appendages get weakened which arise new complications which though have no link with the main disease so physiotherapist prescribes stationary cycling and walking to the patient so that he remains physically normal. This not only makes his muscle system work normally but this also help relieve the patient from chronic airways disease.

Therapy treatment being a modern technique has been found more effective as compared to the rest of the techniques. So physiotherapy is a tool to make the patient; escape from the prison of his life threatening disease.

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