Easy Rotator Cuff Exercises to Heal Your Shoulder Pain

Warming Up

The shoulder muscles should be warmed up before doing any rigorous exercise. To perform the warm up exercises you should begin by bending over from the waist and letting your arms hang down at your side.

Keeping your shoulders and arm muscles in a relaxed state then you should gently move your arms back and forth like a pendulum. Repeat this exercise several times to prepare your muscles for the other rotator cuff exercises.

Rotator cuff exercise #1

Once your muscles are warmed up you can begin the rotator cuff exercises. To perform the first exercises, roll up a towel and lie down on your side. Place the rolled up towel under your armpit and stretch your left arm over your head. Keep the right arm at your side, bend the elbow into a ninety degree angle and rest your forearm on your chest keeping the palm of your hand facing down.

Keeping the left arm stretched out, roll the right shoulder out and raise the forearm until it reaches shoulder level. Slowly lower your arm, repeat the exercises until the muscles are tired and then repeat the exercises with the right arm.

Rotator cuff exercise #2

For the next exercise lie down on your stomach on an elevated surface such as a bed or table and extend your right arm at shoulder level with a ninety degree bent elbow keeping your hand facing down. Raise your hand until it is level with your shoulder. Then stop and lower your hand slowly. Repeat the exercise until your right arm is tired, then do the rotator cuff exercises with the left arm.

Cooling Down

Hold an ice pack on the painful area after performing the exercises. These exercises will build up small muscles in the shoulder area. Stronger muscles should assist in alleviating pain. Performing these exercises may prevent a flare up of the tendonitis if performed regularly.

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