Aspects You Need To Know About Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Every one ages and with that aging comes a decrease in hormones that are crucial for proper body functioning. Both men and women experience serious and at times devastating side effects from the lowered hormonal levels in their bodies due to natural aging. The good news is research has found a way to substitute these hormones and get you back up to par.

Here’s what you ought to know about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy:

Some of the products that are produced by pharmaceutical companies produce hormones from synthetic ingredients in them. These ingredients are simply disguised chemicals. The only means to true hormonal replacement is with natural hormones. These are the hormones that match the exact molecular structure of the hormones present in your body. Natural hormones would work with your system to offer you with the healthy results you ought to have.

Several women suffer from the symptoms of menopause. However, men even have a change that comes over them as they begin to age that is similar in many ways to the female menopause. For men, andropause could dramatically change a way of life. Hormone replacement therapy using all natural hormones can help greatly in soothing the horrible symptoms of andropause.

Do you have hot flashes which come out of nowhere? Do you suffer from memory loss that seems sudden? Several men and women have the symptoms of weight gain and loss of sex drive from the lowering of hormones in their body. Once you have these levels back on kilter, you would feel remarkable results. The hormone oxytocin is a hormone that directly affects reproduction and has been dubbed the ‘love’ hormone. Increasing this hormone to normal and healthy levels would assist to cure the loss of your sex drive.

Weight gain is one of the side effects of hormonal imbalance which could lead to many other health problems. Using natural hormone therapy coupled with a well-balanced diet and exercise will aid you to lose weight. Your good health depends lots on your hormones, especially as you grow older. Make sure you take the steps to keep them balanced.

The Healthy Choice specializes in compounding customized medications and Bio-Identical Hormones replacement to fit each patient’s individual requirements. It believes in treating the whole person and the integrative approach to health care gives doctors and patients cutting edge alternatives to mainstream treatments. For more information on bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and how you can get your own customized solution from the Healthy Choice Compounding Pharmacy, please visit

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