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A Significant Breakthrough in Physiotherapy Treatment for Back Pain in Singapore

At lastâ?¦ A challenge to all back pain sufferers in Singapore who think that it is impossible to cure back pain! Here is an advanced physical therapy treatment that the physiotherapists in The Pain Relief Practice are helping many devastated back pain sufferers reduced their pain and avoid a back surgery.
Thanks to this new physical therapy technology called ‘Non Surgical Spinal Decompression Therapy’, which is another alternative to medications, surgery, physiotherapy, chiropractor, acupuncturists, and osteopathy if all failed.

Back pain sometimes disappears away in the short run and come back to you again. Research shows that back pain doesnâ??t magically disappear if you ignore it and 50% of these pains will haunt you again. Once youâ??ve had an attack of low back pain, thereâ??s a good chance the problem will return â?? usually worse than ever â?? unless you do something about it. Read more…

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Physiotherapy for Back Pain

Back pain almost all of us are familiar with this term. In fact with not only this term but the pain as well; back pain or the pain of the back bone is a condition almost all of us suffer from in some part of our life especially older age but no doubt now-a-days the infirmity has been found in younger ones also. Normally due to negligence or sometimes considering this disease part of routine and petty patients often suffer from greater pain later.

Physiotherapy to help your Back Pain
How to get rid of this ruffian? The answer to this question is one word i.e. physiotherapy. Physiotherapy has been found effective against this disease. Actually what a physiotherapist does is the prescription of repetitive exercises of the affected area to relieve the patient from pain and gradually complete recovery is achieved. Read more…

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Physiotherapy and Osteopathy Treatment

Physiotherapy or physical therapy is kind of health care profession which provides services to individuals and, maintains and restores maximum movement and functional ability throughout life. Sometime, there are many circumstances and accidents that may happen in life which cannot be treated sometime, but Croydon physiotherapy is a kind of process that has an art of treating such painful circumstances.

Physiotherapy is concerned with maximizing and identifying the quality of life and also to boost up the movements of the affected area of body by preventing, treating and by the purpose of habilitation and rehabilitation. This encompasses physical, psychological, emotional, and social well being. It is very necessary to have perfect interaction between patients and therapists as this is something interrelated while in the terms of treating perfectly and also to give mental and emotional support to the client.
This can be done by the physiotherapy itself or by the PTA i.e. assistant acting accordingly. Read more…

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Physiotherapy For Cellulite Treatment – Does It Work?

Not all the efforts made towards cellulite reduction are found to be useful. But people in all fields have been trying to get the perfect cure. Sometimes by pure accidents, doctors have come by a good procedure that works. The ultrasound therapy is one such effort. The second is endermologie.

Initially meant for sports people to reduce the underperformance brought about by muscle injury and spinal problems, ultrasound has lately been used for treating cellulite. So, what does it do? Read more…

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Hip Replacement and Physiotherapy

Total hip replacement has matured into a routine operation for the relief of hip pain and disability due to hip arthritis, giving some of the greatest quality of life increases of all medical procedures. Typically performed in older people, many get a good result from their hip replacement surgery but many do not reach their greatest potential due to lack of follow up rehabilitation in the post-operative period.

An osteoarthritic hip joint is likely to cause a degree of pain and disability for a year or more before the person comes to operation. This period of difficulty can cause influential changes in the tissues around the hip which can be relevant in the postoperative period. Pain and weakness can make us use our joints less, avoiding pushing them to the ends of their movement, a process which gradually reduces the joint’s range of motion. Adaptive shortening occurs in the hip’s ligaments, as the structures shorten in response to the fact that the joint is not being put through its full range any more in the normal daily pattern. Read more…

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New Advances Shed Light On Stroke Treatment

Stroke recovery typically involves some form of stroke treatment. Approximately thirty million Americans are affect every year by a stroke. A stroke means that oxygen carried by blood has been somehow compromised to an area of the brain. This can happen by an occlusion or something that physically blocks the blood such as a blood clot. It can also happen when a blood vessel bursts, which is called a hemorrhage and results in a bleed. The outcome for both causes is the same, the damaged area of the brain has impaired functioning.

Some form of stroke treatment is usually required to help rehabilitate any affects left by the stroke. The potential problems a stroke survivor may have are a result of how severe the stroke was. It is also determined by what particular areas of the brain have been damaged. Different parts of the brain are responsible for different functions, so damage to certain part will have certain consequences. Stroke treatment will focus on helping regain normal function of that part of the brain. Read more…

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Physiotherapy for your Shoulder

The human appendage arm allows hand to move and be positioned in a number of poses. It should be clear to us that we need our hand positioned in a number of ways to perform our physical activities thatâ??s why our shoulder is quite flexible to be able to produce a number of possibilities of positions where we can articulate our hand but the draw backs of this flexibility are instability and reduced strength.. Three important cardinal components of our shoulder are ligaments (to join two bones), tendons (to join a bone to a muscle) and muscle therefore shoulder is often remembered as a soft tissue. The treatment regarding any infirmity of shoulder is purely subject to physiotherapy.

In upper appendicle skeleton the shoulder blade surface is called â??glenoidâ? which forms ball and socket joint with the ball like spherical head of humerus. The head of humerus projects many tendons which in fact join into the glenoid cavity to stabilize the shoulder joint and allow multidimensional motion. Read more…

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Physiotherapy and Chronic Airways Disease

he above titled is not a disease in single but it is a clan of disease with somehow same line of action. Chronic Airways Disease is termed as Chronic (lasting for a long time) Obstructive Pulmonary (related to lungs) Disease abbreviated as COPD. These diseases strike the victim very ruthlessly but physiotherapists have managed the way outs.

Two major bullies of the gang are chronic bronchitis and emphysema. All other diseases in which there is something wrong with the rhythms of breathing rest I the same group. Among the causes cigarette addiction or smoking has been found the major triggering threat but the condition has been observed in non-smokers as well because besides smoking irritating agents and noxious gases also cause the same disease. The second thing is age normally aged people have been found victims due to weak defense system of the body against the diseases. Read more…

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Becoming Fit, Shall I Have Personal Fitness Training Or Physiotherapy?

Being physically fit, does not only give you physical satisfaction in life. It brings self confidence; it brings balance and coordination, makes you more productive at work. Considering finding a gym or a fitness center to bring out a new you? Or choosing a personal trainer instead?

Let me introduce you to the benefits of having a personal trainer before you shop for your fitness center. Read more…

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Physical Therapy Information – Physiotherapy: Origins and Antecedents

Physiotherapy has its origins in the days of Hippocrates. Even in those early days, massages were used as supplementary medical treatments. From those simple beginnings, physiotherapy has evolved into a complex science today.

In 460 B.C. Hector used a treatment known as aqua therapy for physical treatments. Professionals to treat their patients even in today’s advanced age, use the same therapy, modified to suit different requirements. Read more…

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